Aztron Aquila Surfboard 8’0

The AQUILA 8’0” is highly adaptable and forgiving to handle all wave conditions and respond quickly to maneuvers. The longer board length brings stability for riders to gain confidence in riding waves and improving their surfing skills.


  • Size: 8’0″ / 22″ / 3″
  • Volume: 178L


  • 4.5 inch Tri-fin
  • 8′ Leash


  • Hybrid shape between fun board and long board
  • Low nose entry for wave catching
  • Flat deck gives comfortable and easy ride
  • IXPE plastic desk surface
  • HDPE slick bottom with stringer system
  • Square tail for quick release and extra stability
  • Tail safety leash plug installed
  • Removable tri-fin set up
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